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The Anna Guthrie Osteopathic Clinic

Your First Appointment 

What To Expect When Visiting An Osteopath


A first consultation with the registered osteopath is similar to that of a medical practitioner. The osteopath will ask you a series of questions about your complaint and complete medical history.

Please bring a list of medication and any relevant x-rays or scan results with you if performed. Then the osteopath will examine you and explain the diagnosis and discuss the treatment plan. A registered osteopath is trained to identify any condition which might require other treatment or referral to the patients GP.


The Treatment


Treatment consists of hands on gentle manipulations, mobilizations and stretching of the muscles, ligaments and joints. The examination will require outer garment removal and the underwear to be worn. If you have any concerns about this you can always bring a friend to sit in and discuss it with the osteopath to come to a solution. Children have to be accompanied by an adult.

Contact Us Now

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